How to Repair a Hard Drive

If the parts in your hard drive are working then you may be able to recover the data yourself, this is a simple how-to for hard drive data and file recoveries; however if the parts have failed you will have to have your drive Recovered or Repaired by a Professional Data Recovery Company like Us.

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Firstly, the “I Told You So’s”

If you find yourself facing a data recovery job, then you have probably forgotten the number 1 rule of computing:

” 1. All hard drives eventually fail ”

And if your reading this then we can safely assume you didn’t back up your data.

Don’t worry, we have all been there. Everybody has to learn this lesson once. Now what?

Note: If the Data is VERY IMPORTANT then do not risk a recovery yourself! Shut the device or drive down and Call Us on 0800-000-631 to book a recovery.

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Don’t Take it Apart!

It is very important that you do not attempt a hardware repair on your hard drive. We may not be able to recover it if you have.

“If the Data is Required don’t Risk a DIY Recovery, Send the drive to us, New Zealand’s Data Recovery Experts”

– The MiddleManIT Team

Lost or Deleted Files Recovery in Tauranga

Determine if the Failure is Logical or Hardware Related

Hard Drives are one of the few moving parts that still exist in modern day computers, with this comes the risk of mechanical failure.

A great key indicator of this type of failure is the noises your hard drive is making.
If your drive is clicking, beeping, or sounding different to what other hard drive’s sound like or what it used to sound like then there is a high chance the failure is Mechanical.

Mechanical or Hardware failures are not repairable by the average joe. You will need to have a professional perform these repairs.

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If the drive is not showing any signs of mechanical or hardware failure then you may be experiencing a Logical Failure where the digital structure of the drive has become corrupted and needs to be repaired.

Performing Logical Repairs

Logical Failures are software level faults that occur when the Partition Table or Filesystem gets corrupted. The partition table or file system is shows the computer where the data is and how to read it, when a corruption occurs your computer becomes unable to read or view the drive and will commonly request the drive be formatted again or “Initialised” in mac speak.

Because these are software level faults, we impliment a software level repair.

There are a number of utilities that can be used to repair these faults, however we recommend:


Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery Mac


Stellar Data Recovery costs $199.00 Incl GST from our shop (available to New Zealand Residents Only). The above links will take you the product. This software will be required to follow the rest of this How-To, however do remember we offer Data Recovery Services, if this is getting a bit too hard.

Our standard recovery fee is $300 NZD, we do recommend sending it in to us to make sure the fault is assessed and repaired correctly. Also note that the recovery with Stellar may not work.

Our team repair Hard Drive’s everyday and can ensure a successful recovery.

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Please note: If you haven’t diagnosed the fault correctly, performing the recovery with Stellar may cause further damage if not complete drive failure.
The best option is always to send your drive to the Professionals.