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If your Computer isn’t working we can help! We are Tauranga’s Computer Repair experts! From Waihi to Paengaroa our Friendly & Professional Technicians can assist you with any of your Computer Repair, Computer Upgrade or Technology related requirements. You’ve landed on our Blog page about our Tauranga Computer Repair Services. Click the link below if you would like to go straight to our Computer Repair Service Page. Tauranga Computer Repairs > We are Tauranga’s Everything IT Experts, Click the link below for our full services catalogue. Check out all of our Services here >

Firstly, Restart It!

If your computer is giving you trouble, the first thing to do is turn it off, then on again. Although this won’t help everyone it helps a lot of our clients more than we would like to admit. This seems silly, but it is the quickest and easiest way to reset everything and can resolve common issues saving a trip to us. However you can skip this step and call our Computer Technicians on 0800-000-631 to discuss your issue or book a repair. To find out more about our Tauranga Computer Repair Services click here >

“Have you tried turning it Off and On again?”

If you’ve dropped your computer or it’s not turning on you may need our computer repair service.

“We are Tauranga’s Computer Repair Experts, We can assist you with any problem”

– The MiddleManIT Team

Mobile Computer Repairs

It’s Still not Working!

If your fault is a bit more complex and a simple restart won’t solve it then give us a call or drop your Computer off to us at: 1287 Cameron Road, Tauranga. We can have a chat about your fault and go from there. Our Computer Assessments are $75 incl GST, this gives your computer a complete hardware and software checkup and If the repair required is simple it will be included in the assessment fee, otherwise our computer technicians will provide you with a full report and the repair options available along with a quote to repair. Click the link below to go to our Computer Repair page to book a technician or for more information. Remember we are always available on 0800-000-631 to assist.

 MiddleManIT’s Computer Repair Services >

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