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So you have broken your screen or one of the many fragile parts on your phone, what now? Well there is a few options and we have written this blog to help explain these to our clients and make the whole process a little more transparent and understandable.

So depending on the age of your iPhone and the Support you purchased with your device your phone may be under warranty. Now this does include dropping your phone and Apple have a couple of policies to repair your device under warranty however this takes up to 4 weeks to complete and for some this is unacceptable.

For Out of Warranty or Repairs that you simply want done and done now we offer our Out of Warranty Repairs. These are OEM parts that we import from China and use in your repair. If your device was under warranty this will void it.

Most of our clients choose our Out of Warranty repairs as they are cheaper and faster than warranty repairs however we offer both and want to make sure our clients are fully aware of what the difference between the two.

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Tauranga iPhone Warranty Repairs

Unfortunately Apple isn’t accepting new Service Provider Applications in NZ so we are unable to provide warranty apple repairs. Although we are qualified Apple Technicians and can perform out of warranty repairs we are unable to perform warranty repairs until apple accepts our application.

Because of this we have Partnered with an Apple Authorised Service Provider. With this partnership we have included a SLA to ensure our clients get the best possible service. With all our Warranty Repairs we charge a $49.00 Assessment and Administration Fee.

With this service you will have your phone repaired under warranty within 5-7 business days. This service is much slower than our Out of Warranty repairs but we would like to make the process as transparent as possible.

With our iPhone Warranty Screen Replacements Repairs you are looking at the following charges:

iPhone 6s Plus: $346.50
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5: $311.50
iPhone 6: $276.5


If you have purchase AppleCare+ you get two discounted accidental damage repairs for a rate of $224.00.

These repairs take between 20-28 business days which is unacceptable for most our clients, these repairs take this long due to us having to send your device overseas to be repaired by an AASP that provides screen repairs.

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“How to Check your Warranty Coverage”

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Our Out of Warranty Repairs

We also offer Out of Warranty Apple Repairs using OEM Parts imported from China, these parts are checked for quality by our team and are far cheaper than Apple Parts and Apple Repairs.

Our Out of Warranty Repairs are also much quicker, For most devices we offer a Same Day Repair Service for Tauranga Residents only.

Our Tauranga Out of Warranty iPhone Repairs are priced at the following.

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement (Same Day) – $195.00 Incl GST
iPhone 5C Screen Replacement (Same Day) – $207.50 Incl GST
iPhone 5S Screen Replacement (Same Day) – $182.50 Incl GST
iPhone 5 Screen Replacement (Same Day) – $170.00 Incl GST
iPhone 4S Screen Replacement (Same Day)  –  $107.50 Incl GST
iPhone 4 Screen Replacement (Same Day)  –  $107.50 Incl GST

Collection / Same Day Service available for Tauranga Only and subject to part and technician availability however we aim for a 4 hour service. Additional Collection & Delivery charge of $45 incl GST.

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  1. Just called Kail to look at my IPhone-nothing worked! and its my work tool for everything.
    Within 10 minutes all fixed and back to work. What more could you ask for:)
    Many Thanks Paul

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